Health and Safety

We are constantly in the process of reviewing and analysing not just our own construction activities but also those of the construction industry on a whole – to ensure that only the industry-best practices are abided by within the business.

Our key area of focus remains Work at Height operations, excavations, uninterrupted services overall and containment of breathable dust as well as asbestos.

We have also introduced key control measures for monitoring and managing workplace stress. Recently, we launched our Mental Health First Aider programme to ensure that our workers’ wellbeing is being catered to, and that their productivity levels are at their absolute best.

We also conduct random drug tests each month to ensure that none of our workers’ productivity or motivation levels are compromised. However, in cases where drug use is discovered, we provide our worker(s) with the support necessary to get them back on track and perform their job as per expectations.


At Groundworks Direct Ltd., we bring everything together that’s related to Health and Safety – such as policies, procedures, targets, goals and objectives – under one umbrella. We go above and beyond to fulfill our legal responsibilities and obligations, working hard to raise awareness and encourage behavioral change when necessary – all the while with a key focus on employee engagement, which paves the way for positive outcomes.

We believe that everyone who participates in our business activities or is affected in any way as a result of those activities, has the right to remain safe. This includes (without limitation) our customers and visitors, employees, supply chain and suppliers, as well as the general public.


The work culture that we practice and maintain at Groundworks Direct Ltd. helps us in ensuring the best health and safety parameters, not just across all our sites, but our own company premises and any entity that falls under our business framework. We see to it that our dedicated Health and Safety team covers all companies working with us, including each and every operational site.


We are working hard towards a consistent improvement initiative and shall continue to embrace change and further development via careful monitoring of KPI’s as well as the feedback we receive from our partners, stakeholders and customers.

In order to prevent accidents from occurring, we report all accidents, including ‘near-miss’ ones – or any accident, occurrence or emergency situation whatsoever, which did not result in an injury.

Near-misses are electronically reported via our internal system. We wholeheartedly believe that sharing both good and bad practices drives better behavioral change at the end of the day. Furthermore, it ensures that everyone returns home safely as intended, at the end of each working day.