Plot Works

Plot works are often required as ‘finishing touches’ to a project. This may include foundations, internal and external drainage, telecommunications and water lines, instillation of gas ducts, fenceworks, beam and block floors, curbing, driveways, footpaths, patios and more.

With contracts for house builders, private developments, local authorities and companies, to name a few, our vast range of expertise and knowledge allows us to deliver your project to perfection, right down to the last finishing touch.

Our plotworks expertise does not end here. We are also well-equipped to install a broad range of foundations according to your design specifications. We will install a standard strip, raft or trench fill foundation, along with more specialist piled foundations with ground beams, should you require.

At the on-site level, we have extensive experience in suspended and ground-bearing slabs, as well as hollow core floors or beam and block floors. We offer an expansive range of insulation options, gas membranes and screed.

Whether you require full development infrastructure for drainage systems and roads, external hard landscaping or floor slabs and plot concrete foundations using either precast or in-situ – look no further than Groundworks Direct Ltd. – a civil engineering household name in the UK proudly owned and driven by the Dixon family.

Why Choose Us for Plot Works Services?

We provide a complete, end-to-end plot works service which includes site clearance and preparation as well as flagging, block paving & landscaping. We will also carry out PC responsibilities on the project, following on from our Road and Sewers team to allow your developer a reasonable cost saving as the project begins.

Our plot works site managers carry a complete Site Manager Safety Certificate including First Aid, so that all Health and Safety requirements can be wholeheartedly complied with. We have an industry track record for meeting all our client requirements and deadlines, staying well within their respective budget – without any compromise whatsoever to H&S or other quality areas.

For any general enquiries or to book our plot works site manager, please get in touch us – our friendly representative will note down your exact requirements and offer a free quote.