Private Developments

At Groundworks Direct Ltd. we are a Dixon family run business that has decades of experience and expertise in delivering high quality private property developments – from simple flats and apartments to more complex residential projects that have set benchmarks when it comes to modern property construction.

A significant amount of effort goes into transforming bare land into a useful piece of private property. We have been undertaking private property development projects for years – helping many private and residential property owners bring their vision to fruition.

We offer a complete private development service, helping our clients fill out and file paperwork, secure entitlements and meet regulations, in order to see the construction process move along smoothly. From an initial lot survey to utility planning, site grading, road construction, paving, cost estimates, property inspection and development – our team will fully manage your private property developmental project from start to finish.

Our residential development workforce will skillfully put all the essential components together from the ground up, turning a mere piece of land into a flourishing family home. Our civil engineers are fully up to date with local and national regulations. Using the latest civil engineering equipment, technology and software, they will design a highly sustainable private land development while weighing in construction costs to stay in line with your budget.

Why Choose Us as Your Private Development Civil Engineers?

Our civil engineering services for private developments include:

  • Property development feasibility and planning
  • Conceptual site planning
  • Master planning
  • Zoning support
  • Surveying services
  • Land entitlements
  • Utility service agreements
  • Infrastructure design
  • Permitting
  • Budget and cost estimations
  • Lot grading
  • And much more

From small building additions to major private development expansions, we conduct feasibility reports, prepare conceptual and final construction designs, and produce detail-rich and accurate-to-scale construction documents – as we shepherd your project through the local regulatory and permissions processes.

Our certified and accredited private property development engineers are highly experienced in preparing sustainable site plans which integrate construction water management, water efficient landscaping, clever stormwater management and water use reduction in order to have the most “green” building potential.

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